What makes a super group?

Energy…..synergy….originality and professional management.


Infusing the market with stellar musicianship, unique song selection and relentless stage

energy, BIG BANG BABY enters 2014 as the nation’s top night club draw, casino attraction and corporate act in the entertainment arena.


The members of BIG BANG BABY play a collective nineteen instruments, all taking turns on lead vocals for a sound that cannot be matched with a rotating show of every member displaying a force of talent on one stage.


Led by one of the best front men in the business, the band’s collective energy is contagious, resulting in over two hundred shows per year from Vermont to Maryland, with an ever

growing venue list as they build their brand nationally. 


Proudly carrying a national Coors sponsorship, BIG BANG BABY debuts their new stage show

this spring, and will once again re-establish what buyers and fans are looking for. 


With an industry that is in desperate need for an old school business approach with a new school branding, BIG BANG BABY is ready to dominate yet another successful season.


BIG BANG BABY.......100% live and no sampling or prerecorded voices. This particular band relies on pure human talent, and just like a great fitting pair of classic jeans,

some things just never go out of style.


Believe The Hype…… www.BigBangBaby.com